Imbriglio’s Pizzarria Napoletana


    We are very excited about our new restaurant concept – IMBRIGLIO’S PIZZARIA RESTO-BAR NAPOLETANA. It’s not every day that the newest thing in town brings back 1890 but Richardo Imbriglio knew real Neapolitan pizza. We are confident you will be excited about IMBRIGLIO’S as well. We invite you to take a tour, have a tasting, let us send you some photography and speak with our pizzaiolo and staff and Richard Sardella, proprietor and Richardo’s grandson. Thanks for helping us get the word out. Ciao!


    Imbriglio’s brings a new pizza experience which goes back to 1890 when Richard Sardella’s grandfather Richardo Imbriglio had his bakery on Third Street in Jersey City. Imbriglio knew that it all started with the dough. He was already known for the best bread on the street. Neapolitan from start to finish – made with only “00” flour and the right amount of water. Every pizza he made started out with the dough that was stretched and tossed with the same love and care he devoted to his seven children. Imbriglio’s pizza was topped with sauce that came from only authentic San Marzano tomatoes – just like back in Napoli. The cheese was carefully chosen and came from a local dairy farm that was just like the farm back in Italy where the mozzarella was as fresh as the sunrise. This is the tradition of Imbriglio’s Pizzaria Resto Bar Napoletana.

    In the authentically designed bar with a full view of the wood-fired oven imported from Italy, the pizzas come out hot and fresh. In the Neapolitan tradition, they are best enjoyed on the premises eaten with knife and fork.

    The IMBRIGLIO’S PIZZARIA menu will also include pizzas named after Richardo and Cathrine seven children.

    Loretta (Margarita pizza) * Richard Sardella’s Mom

    Aunt Joeshina (Pepperoni)

    Aunt Angelina (Parma)

    Uncle Carlo (Bianco)

    Aunt Philomina (Americano)

    Aunt Min (Boccolini con Sausage)

    Aunt Ann (Calzone)


    Imbriglio’s is open seven days a week 5:00 – 10:00 PM.